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Staying Debt Free After Debt Settlement Part One

Now that you have successfully paid off your debt, what is the next appropriate step you should take? We hope you don’t want to get in to a debt again. The next step you should take is reconstruct your financial plan in such a way that you remain debt free and you cover up the negative impact on your credit score. But how? Below mentioned is the most common reason that causes debt. Remember apply for a loan only when you really need!

Apply for Debt Relief

Credit Cards
Credit cards are the most dangerous element of finance that pulls you towards the line of debt. It is always important that you take care of small things while reconstructing your credit. You must always a right repairing element to avoid the damaging elements in future. Same is with the credit card.

Some of you might be having the attitude of “everything or nothing”. Such attitudes are good to hear but are very threatening to your financial condition. And if you carry such an attitude, you must stay away from credit cards and make use of the cash available at your bank account. If you are finding difficul

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ties in getting a tradition bank account, you must go for prepaid debit cards. These debit cards create a positive impact and the customer can rebuilt his credit score with the use of he’s own funds. These prepaid debit cards are like checking accounts. You can deposit funds into your debit card. They have been proved to be a great solution for the people who have just been out of debt relief fund because it doesn’t let the people to spend money more than which they really own.

But if you have confidence in yourself that you will limit your spending, you can go for another credit card. But make sure you don’t commit the mistake that you committed previously or you might end up falling in debt again. Limit you credit cards to emergency transactions only. Make sure you pay off your credits on a monthly basis so that they do not pile up to make a big amount. If you fail to get a tradition credit card, there are credit cards which are available for people who have a low credit score which are unsecured credit cards.

Last but not the least, read all the terms and conditions of the credit card or the debit card that you are using.

Staying Debt Free After Debt Settlement Part Two

The second most common reason that causes people to easily fall in debt is medical costs. After being debt free, be enthusiastic in re settling your financial condition and avoid overspending.

Medical Costs – Medical costs is one such things that will never fall down soon. And medical coverage has been a big problem for Americans. We cannot wait for the policies to change; we have to protect and secure ourselves at such time and most importantly stay out debt. For your relief, you must know that the medical costs debt have a lesser negative impact then the credit cards debt. But you need to stay away from any kind of debts for a secured future.

Here, the first and the foremost step is that make yourself insured if you haven’t. Yes, apply for a health insurance policy immediately. It saves you thousands of dollars for future in case of any medical problem that you face. You would have to pay those monthly premiums for the policy but it can be adjusted in your monthly bills. It is better to pay some amount monthly than paying a bill of $30,000 for the hospital at once and falling in debt immediately. Do not forget for a dental insurance too.

The second method of saving yourself from medical costing is creating an account in Health Saving Account (HSA). Here you can deposit pre-taxed money and keep earning interest as well and use the same in times of your medical problems. This will only save a bit of your taxable income but also save you costing for premiums, deductibles and other medical expenses.